i)    Vision:                                                       

           To ensure production and distribution of quality fertilizers in the country.

ii)      Mission:

 a)                 To regulate production, promotion and distribution of fertilizers throughout the country.

b)                To check the quality of the fertilizers imported, manufactured and marketed.

c)                 To provide training on Fertilizer Quality Control to State Fertilizer Inspectors, Fertilizer Analysts and Fertilizer Dealers.

 iii)           Service Standard:



Sr. No.

Main Services



Inspection and collection of imported fertilizer samples from the discharging ships at ports.



To cover all the fertilizer ships coming for discharge at various Indian Ports.


Inspection and collection of fertilizer samples from indigenous manufacturers and dealers outlets


To randomly check the quality of fertilizers sold in the country as it is being the primarily responsibility of State Government.


Training of State Fertilizer Inspectors/Analysts and Fertilizer Dealers.

To organize various training programmes  on Fertilizer Quality Control in the Institute and Regional Fertilizer Control Laboratories at Navi Mumbai, Chennai and Kalyani and also in the states for Fertilizer Inspectors and Fertilizer Dealers.


Standardization/Development of methods of analysis.

To standardize/develop various methods of analysis for inclusion in Fertilizer Control Order, 1985.

 iv)     Grievances Redress Mechanism:

           there is no specific Public Grievances Cell in the Institute because there is no public interface.  However, for any grievances Director of the Institute may be contacted for redressal of any grievance in respect of the Institute and its RFCLs.

 a)       Name and contact details of Public Grievance Officer:

           Shri Shailendra Singh, Director, Central Fertilizer Quality Control & Training Institute, N.H.IV, Faridabad.

 b)      Help Line No/website to lodge grievance:


          e.mail- cfqcti[at]nic[dot]in

c)       Response to be expected by person lodging the grievance:

           Quick redressal mechanism if adopted soon after receipt of grievance.

 d)      Time line for redress:

           One month

 v)     Stackholders:

           the State Departments of Agriculture and Central Fertilizer Committee has been consulted for setting service standards. 

 vi)    Responsibility Centres and Subordinate Organizations:

           the grievances may be lodged on simple paper to the Director of the Institute or to the Deputy Director of Regional Fertilizer Control Laboratories whose addressed are given below:-




Name and Address of the Centre

Telephone No./Fax No



Central Fertilizer Quality Control & Training Institute,

 Ministry of Agriculture,

Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, N.H. IV, Faridabad


0129-2414712 (Telefax)




Deputy Director,

Regional Fertilizer Control Laboratory,

Plot No. 28 & 29, Sector-24, P.O. Vashi, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra)


022-27838425 (Telefax)



Deputy Director,

Regional Fertilizer Control Laboratory,

Near Main Gate, Madhavaram Milk Colony, P.O. Chennai (TN)





Deputy Director,

Regional Fertilizer Control Laboratory,

P.O. Kalyani, Distt. Nadia (WB)




 vii)         Indicative expectations from service  recipients:

           the aggrieved person is expected to submit his application complete with all enclosures, duly attested when required and checking the veracity of the facts from the website of the Department before lodging the complaint.

viii)     Month and year for the next review of the Charter:

           After two years.

 ix)      Concluding Remarks:

           Under clause 32/32 A  of Fertilizer Control Order, 1985, the appellate authorities have been appointed by the Centre/State Government to redress the grievances of fertilizer dealers  and manufacturers/importers against the orders  of the Notified/Registering Authorities.

          the Institute also publishes technical literature on Fertilizer Quality Control for the benefit of Fertilizer Inspectors and Fertilizer Analysts.