Salient Features of FCO Amendments 2003

(i)                                                    (i) Dispensing with registration certificate of dealers as it has now been replaced with the simple system of memorandum of intimation in the new format A1 and its acknowledgement in form A2 as the authorization letter fro carrying out business of fertilizer trade by  all categories of dealers.

(ii)                                                  (ii) Provision of Referee analysis which was a long standing demand from the State Governments as well as industry.  this new provision has been made under clause 29 B and 32 of FCO, wherein a grievance redressal mechanism to the aggrieved dealer has been provided.  the order provides that the State Appellate Authority may permit the referee analysis of a fertilizer sample in a notified laboratory of any other State Government or Central Government.  It also provides for Referee analysis in respect of samples drawn by the CFQC&TI and its Regional Laboratories by the Controller of Fertilisers (namely , Joint Secretary(INM), Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi).

(iii)                                                (iii) Prescribing tolerance limits for particle size at 3 units and for moisture at 0.3 units under Schedule II B.

(iv)                                                (iv) Prescribing specification of provisional fertilizers for commercial trials under the newly introduced clause 20A of FCO.  Also the Government has permitted the commercial trials of two grades of NPK fertilizer complexes fortified with Zinc for two years to be manufactured by M/s IFFCO (i.e. for 10:26:26- 0.5% Zn and 12:32:16-0.5% Zn) vide notification issued under SO (50(E) dated 16.1.2003and DAP 18:46:0 -0.3B, NPK 12:32:16- 0.3 B, NPK 10:26:26- 0.3 B vide SO 539 (E)  dated 12.5.2003.

(v)                                                  (v) Notification of 6  new grades of NPK 100% water soluble fertilizers and also Boric acid.

(vi)                                                (vi) Disposal of non standard fertilizers imported by Central Government will now be only by the Central Government to the manufacturers of complex fertilizers and mixtures of fertilizers etc. (Clause 23(4).

(vii)                                              (vii) A new provision for appeal to Central Government in case of any dislocation of ECA allocation made by Central Government.

(viii)                                            (viii) Increased validity period of special mixtures (Clause 16) from 3 months to 6 months and its further extension upto 12 months.

(ix)                                                (ix) Mandatory printing of words ‘Fertilizers’ on the containers (Clause 21) and month and year of manufacture/import.

(x)                                                  (x) Maintenance of minimum laboratory facilities by each State Fertilizer Quality Control Laboratory under clause 29 (2).

(xi)                                                (xi) the time limit for sending samples to laboratories and its communication of results is being reduced from existing 97 days to only 52 days which includes reduced period for analysis of samples in the laboratory as 30 days and communication of results to dealers to only 15 days.

(xii)                                              (xii) the prior approval of Central Government for prescribing the fees under Clause 36 by the State Governments has now been dispensed with.

(xiii)                                            (xiii) Some changes in the nomenclature of fertilizers in Schedule I A has been made including providing specific sub heading for 100% Water soluble NPK fertilizer.

(xiv)                                           (xiv) Some changes in the form’J’ to maintain the secrecy of samples have been made & also a new Form ‘P’ introduced.

(xv)                                             (xv) Providing changes or updating methods of analysis of moisture, total, ammoniacal, nitrate and urea nitrogen, phosphates, potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium nitrate and particle size.  Further method of analysis of micronutrient fertilizer mixtures by AAS has been prescribed in addition to the sampling procedure for drawal of samples from hatches or the discharging ships.

(xvi)                                           (xvi) A new grade NPK 15:15:15, Boric Acid, Di-Sodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (NA2B4O13,4H2O), Zincated Phosphate (Suspension).

(xvii)                                         (xvii) Prescribing  heavy metals like Cd and As in Zinc Sulphate. H2O and 7H2O.

(xviii)                                       (xviii) Provision for affixing product details on small packs of 5 kg bags.

(xix)                                           (xix) Provision for reprocessing of damaged material during transit due to natural calamities.  A detailed guidelines have already been issued .

(xx)                                             (xx) Prescribing specification of ‘S’ content in all S containing fertilizers.